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IMS Robotics The development and manufacturing of our highly innovative products takes place exclusively in Germany.

IMS Robotics Sewer Robots

IMS Robotics

The company IMS Robotics GmbH have been working in the area of modern environment technology since 1992. We are specialized in developing, engineering and manufacturing robots for the sewer rehabilitation. Our team consists of more than 40 motivated employees. We work closely together with our customers and suppliers to take over the large knowledge and experience in our products. Therefore, ideas became products. Knowledge becomes technology. And cooperation becomes success!

For us as a medium-sized company the close customer loyalty is very important. Together with our construction and development department we analyze the information we get from our dealer and customer in the area of sewer rehabilitation and sewer inspection, to bring new or developed devices onto the market and establish the products successfully.

Key to how wide the range of uses a robot can be put to is the extent of its freedom of movement and thus its ability to reach every area within its field of operation. Freedom of movement is measured in so-called degrees of freedom. Just like the Talpa FSR 1330, the Talpa FSR 2060 has six degrees of freedom. It can thus reach every point within any three-dimensional space.

IMS Robotics

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