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Materials Manager Responsible for the purchasing and inventory control of direct and indirect materials used in the CIPP PLI business

Job Description

Responsible for the purchasing and inventory control of direct and indirect materials used in the CIPP PLI business. Supervising the activities of subordinate workers, planning and administering department budget, planning and scheduling over both short and long term periods. Other job duties include determining and administering policies and procedures that are related to shipping and receiving as well as the storage of different materials, supplies and equipment (inventory control). Acts as a liaison to finance in preparing and maintaining different merchandising and financial reports and records. Recommends material and capital equipment purchases.

Job Responsibilities

Goal of a materials manager is to obtain the best deal by purchasing and negotiating the highest quality equipment and products at the lowest possible prices. Supporting material and labor productivity through improved components or in / outsourcing projects. Accomplished by analyzing historical sales records as well as inventory stocks to drive for minimum on hand inventory and reduced cycle times. Takes into consideration the quality, price, reliability, technical support and availability when choosing merchandise and suppliers. In order to be successful, a materials manager must have a solid working knowledge of the services and goods that will be purchased and produced.

Ensures that materials and parts utilized in the supply chain meet the requirements for quality assurance standards. Must be able to lead quality and delivery issues to closure. Materials and component parts must be tested, prior to the placement of purchase orders as well as during use to ensure compliance.

Training and Education Requirements

Preferred candidates will have completed a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, particularly a degree with an emphasis on business. Lean methodology and practices are essential.

Must have an understanding and working knowledge of various types of software as well as the Internet. Other qualities include good communication, math and negotiation skills, the ability to analyze financial and technical data and a solid understanding of supply chain management.
Individuals should be good at decision making and planning. Must have experience in leadership roles with proven abilities.


Lean Certification or practical application a must.
APICS certified Supply Chain Professional credential preferred.
DOT or HAZMAT certified for handling hazardous materials.
Six Sigma Greenbelt a plus.

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