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Schwalm™ Talpa FSR 1330 Reinstatement Cutter Designed for pipe diameters from 130mm to 300mm

Schwalm Talpa FSR 1330 Sewer Rehab Robot

Talpa FSR 1330 Overview

The Talpa FSR 1330 is designed for pipe diameters from 130mm and can be adapted for pipes with a maximum diameter of 300mm by spreading the wheels and adding extra weight.

Key to how wide the range of uses a robot can be put to is the extent of its freedom of movement and thus its ability to reach every area within its field of operation. Freedom of movement is measured in so-called degrees of freedom. Just like the Talpa FSR 1330, the Talpa FSR 2060 has six degrees of freedom. It can thus reach every point within any three-dimensional space.

The controllable functions one by one:

  • Move carriage forwards and backwards
  • Rotate working arm on both sides through 200 degrees
  • Raise and lower working arm
  • Rotate tool holder through 360 degrees
  • Pan camera up and down
  • Adjust lighting

Control by joystick

The Talpa FSR is controlled by joystick via the Schwalm digital controls. Control is linear, meaning that speed and acceleration react directly 1:1 to the position of the joystick.

Video system: CCD colour camera with LED spotlight

The Talpa FSR 1330 is equipped with a powerful LED spotlight and a high-resolution CCD colour camera. The camera’s lens can be cleaned by remote control via an integrated cleaning device.

Stable work in the sewer

The robot holds a stable position within the sewer pipe without having to be additionally wedged or secured for its milling work. The robot's substantial weight and its low centre of gravity give it good surface grip. The Talpa FSR 1330 can be tilted to either side by more than 45 degrees through its longitudinal axis without tipping over.

The DC 160 In Action

Experience the DC 160 in action and watch as it gets the job done!

There are four pneumatic motors available for the Talpa FSR 1330:

  • Model 1320-P
  • Model 1530-P
  • Model 2025-P
  • Model 2560-P

Universal thread for fitting tools quickly

The tool attachments – milling heads, grinders and brushes – are attached to the robot via a universal connection thread located on the pneumatic motors. Schwalm has developed special milling tools for the robots. Standard tools can also be used without any problem.


  • Length excl. connector: 730 mm
  • Width: 110 mm
  • Height: 110 mm
  • Total weight: 20 - 45 kg
  • For pipe diameters: DN 130 - DN 300
  • Carriage drive: 4-wheel drive
  • Hydraulic pressure: 60 - 80 bar
  • Circumdiameter: 132 mm

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